Botswana is proud to announce the first prestigious tourism camp wholly owned and managed by a Bushman in its territories. Kane Motswana has poured his entire safari and life experiences into this luxury camp. His peculiar eye and acute attention to detail has shaped a beautiful, lavish and comfortable piece of art. Spend a few days with this legend at Adventure Camp and only then will you grasp how atypical everything about this camp is.

Adventure Camp is an exclusive and splendid camp with only 5 guests’ tents that can take a maximum of 10 guests per night. An extra pilot/guide tent allows for privately guided guests to be accompanied by their tour leader or their pilot while in camp. The main lounge and dining area have been strategically positioned to offer breath-taking views of the Samawurutwa Island.

Intimately tucked away in a supreme wildlife area, Adventure Camp simply just lures you to its unique game walks, distinctive game drives, breath-taking mokoro safaris and life-changing interactions with Bukakhwe people – the River Bushmen.

Lose yourself to this modern Bushmen, legendary guide and award winning wildlife photographer, together with his team and allow your heart to be deeply touched by the hand of nature.

Adventure Camp is an exquisite, luxury and uniquely adventurous tourism outfit! Kane, as he is commonly known, leads all safari adventures and allow guests to share some of his magical moments with nature. Led by his ancestors, his intuition and a sixth sense he has developed over time, he connects effectively with nature and as such has been directed away from potential danger and he has been equally attracted to extra ordinary wildlife sightings. Kane has outstanding energy and enthusiasm to share his connection to nature with his visitors. Together with his trackers, Kane will inspect the bushes, taste the ground, sniff the air and interpret messages from his ancestors and take his guests through transitory, emotionally and mentally fulfilling safari experiences of their life time.




Our game drives are carried out using specially designed and converted Toyota Land cruisers. These cruisers are converted to carry 2 guests per row of seats and a maximum of 6 guests per vehicle. The space in between seats is occupied by padded boxes to comfortably contain camera bags, binoculars, water bottles and pouches. The sides are equipped with removable sand bags and additional storage pouches in front of every seat.

Our guests are pampered by our special combination of legendary guides and experienced Bushmen trackers during our drives. Special arrangements are made for day trips as well as overnight camping. The tracker and guide combination, together with Bushmen intuition and extensive knowledge of the bush, ensures that the environment is scanned continuously by 4 pairs of “eagle’s eyes” in all 3 dimensions, thereby picking up the finest clues otherwise missed, and increasing chances of wildlife sightings on drives.

Kane Motswana, our award winning wildlife photographer and legendary guide, is always excited to host guests keen in wildlife photography. Kane does not only offer essential tips on how to maximize wildlife photography, but also understands all the other aspects of photography and he is quick to respond to changing environmental conditions to ensure maximum results for guests.


What a nobler way of minimizing your footprints on safari, and yet enjoy an outstanding safari experience than through walking safaris! Adventurous game walks are led by our prominent guides. The distinctiveness of our game walks is in its fly-camping, which allows guests to overnight away from camp and enjoy private and intimate walks and remarkable interactions with nature.

Our full day walking trips are also unique, graced with picnic bush brunches and dinners that are preset for our guests. Those pressed for time, or less adventurous, are treated to short walks, offered mainly in the mornings.


Travelling by Mokoro is an art and a skill developed over many centuries by river dwelling communities. It is the smooth and serenity way of navigating wetlands, it is the only possible way to bring one closest to the water surface in a way that compels adrenalin rush. The smoothness and tranquility in its motion induces relaxation beyond imagination.

Our mokoro expeditions are always led by experienced guide who will take you on a short trip in the morning and back to camp in time for brunch. You may combine mokoro with our walking safaris and make your mokoro expedition even more adventurously eventful. Your safety is our responsibility which is why we will stay well away from hippos.

Capture memories on camera of mesmerising views of the water surface, close ups with reed frogs, African Jacanas, crocodiles and other wetland dwellers. “Professional photographers please bringing your polarised lenses and state-of-the-art filters, as well as your hi-tech flush lights, as you will certainly be wowed by different forms of light interferences (mechanical and optical) with water.” From Kane!