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Make Happen Your Adventure Safari Tour This Time in Botswana

In case you are planning your safari trip then you landed the right place at right time to make your safari trip more adventurous and wild you should know some things. The safari tours are the most adventures trip and when it plans to explore the African forest nothing can go better. The African wildlife is the most popular among all the forecast on the planet and it requires special touring planning. Along with Selinda adventure safari in Botswana Kane safari also offers the mobile expedition safari in Botswana to give a closer view of wildlife in Africa. The mobile expedition safari let you enter the forest area and camp at the places near wild animals under the supervision of the private guides. The camping and the trip to the jungles will give you remarkable experience that you can take home with you for eternity.

The Services offered by the Kane safari comes under the different safari packages and all the tour packages are affordable. With the safari touring package you will be given all needed support, tools and services to enjoy your trip at fullest. The team will guide you through the trip by taking you the sights where you can view all the popular and rare animals without any worry. You can also capture the photographs and walk through the jungles and feel the wilderness of the Africa land. Selinda adventure trail service includes the meal prep for the tourists, you will be given the taste of Africa to boost up your experience. You can customize the services like food, guide and camping option according to your wish and budget with Kane safari. Safari adventure in Botswana will take you all the places that will introduce to the different life of the planet that you have never encountered.

Kane adventure assured the most enjoyable and secured Mobile expedition safari in Botswana in the African with your family and loved ones. This is the opportunity that you never wanna miss out to explore the other side of the world.

The Benefits Of Adventurous Safari Package

In order to gain exclusive benefits of adventurous safari package, you must experience all that Africa has to offer.

As soon as someone mentions adventurous safari package, the adrenaline rush starts thumping and jumping inside our veins. And, why it should not! There is a perfect reason to get excited about a safari tour that too amidst the beauty of Africa. Adventure safari is a thing to experience once in a lifetime. And, when it is a chance to explore the same with the adventure African safari tours, you cannot say no to it. There are just a few such exciting destinations and Africa secures its place as one of the most gorgeous destinations.

African safaris offer a number of benefits to the tourists. And, some of the most amazing perks are:

Green season photo safari

This kind of safari is just exceptional as it offers you a chance to photograph some amazing wildlife shots. As you will get to experience the nature closely, you will start loving it even more. Thus, such a safari tour is just the kind of experience that every single person must have once in his/her lifetime.

Hard core wild walking

This kind of walk gives you a chance to see the wildlife from close. And, it is meant for a hard core walker. This pure guiding walking experience is just amazing for a number of reasons. The most important reason being 110 km of walking right from the starting point to the end. Such an amazing experience is going to give you memories that will last for a lifetime.

The conclusion

In order to experience wildlife at its best, there is no exceptional way than experiencing adventure African safari tour. This amazing safari will help you to know and enjoy the wildlife from a closer point of view. Addition to this all, there are affordable packages that tourists can book as per their requirement and the estimated budget. Thus, adventure African safari tour is all that is required for a hassle free holiday experience amidst the beauty of this island.

Enjoy Camping at Chobe National Park with Kane Adventure Safaris Knowledgeable Private Safari Guides

Imagine if you go to visit a zoo and want to see a crocodile but end up watching the alligator and think that you have seen a crocodile. How will you feel if later someone else tells you that it was an alligator but crocodile? You will feel cheated, right? Similarly, if you go on a safari holiday and miss out the adventures on an African safari tour, it will be a waste of time and money for you. The only person who can help in experiencing the authentic adventure African safari tours are the knowledgeable private safari guides and to plan your private safari tour at an affordable price you can opt for the best safari planners, Kane Adventure Safaris.


With the team of highly motivated knowledgeable private safari guides, Kane Adventure Safaris has skillfully constructed itineraries and assembled classy safaris providing the best adventure African safari tours. Talking about the private and adventurous safari, it would be unfair if we don’t mention the thrilling experience of camping at Chobe National Park in Botswana. Camping at the Chobe National park is an unforgettable experience. With Kane Adventure Safaris, you can customize the camping experience according to your requirements.Camping between the wildlife with the animals who roam around freely at the Chobe National Park gives you the thrill and adventure of a lifetime.

Kane Adventure Safaris adventure African safari tours to Chobe National Park offer a variety of safari options to the travelers. With a selected a range of safaris that include a visit to the Chobe National Park, one can choose the level of comfort and adventure of their Chobe safari that are rated one of the best wildlife experiences in the world. With the perfect escape into the wild, camping at Chobe National Park in Botswana gives you the opportunity to capture wildlife with the assistance of a professional guide.

Also, the Chobe National Park is well known for the abundance of wildlife and bird life and the natural setting of the park along the Chobe River allows for spectacular animal and bird viewing.So, Plan you safari with Kane Adventure Safaris’ knowledgeable private safari guides and experience one of the best adventure African safari tours including the camping at Chobe National Park in Botswana.