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Experience The Best Of Africa On Selinda Adventure Tour During Green Season With Kane Adventure Safari

Ever thought of spending nights under the clear sky surrounded by the surreal beauty of nature and wildlife together? Imagine you are walking freely along with the wild animals around and exploring the natural beauty. Sound thrilling and exciting at the same time, doesn’t it? Although you can plan an African safari trip anytime during the year, but if you really want to explore the best of it, plan a Selinda adventure tour during the green season in Botswana, Africa. The green season photo safari to the Selinda Adventure Trails planned by Kane Adventure Safari is something you would never want to miss.

The Selinda Spillway runs through a secluded part of northern Botswana that offers the ideal setting for Botswana’s latest canoeing and walking adventure safari.High waters flowing through Northern Botswana offer rare & exciting opportunities while the remote location ensures a private and personal safari experience.The area offers an abundance of wildlife and is well known for elephant, buffalo and wild dog.Exploring the areas with Kane Adventure Safari’s professional and passionate guides with extensive knowledge and experience of canoeing and walking in big game areas,makes it an ultimate experience for you at quite affordable pricing.

So you would like to know what a green season photo safari is and why to plan your Selinda adventure tour during that season. So, let me tell you that green Season is a specific period in the African continent that falls between or after the annual rains. Wildlife spreads out from waterholes and rivers, making the most of the abundant surface water and, most importantly, taking advantage of the fresh grazing that turns the dry savannah into lush rolling grasslands. Although traditionally it is not considered a good time for game viewing because the animals are no longer concentrated around permanent water sources and are harder to spot in the abundance of new leaves and tall grasses. Here comes the need of the people best at their service, the Kane Adventure Safari guides.

As the green season photo safari experts, these professional Kane Adventure Safari guides know perfectly where to find the secret treasures of the Green Season and these gems are worth shouting about from the rooftops. If you go to the right destinations with the right guide, the Green Season can be the best time to go on a Selinda adventure tour.

Selinda Trails: The Adventure Safari Tour in Botswana

Viewing wildlife from the water and on foot is a very special experience, and Selinda Adventure Safari in Botswana is one of the best mobile safaris to explore from. The Selinda Reserve is one of Africa’s great wildlife reserves and the Selinda Adventure Trails Service provided by different tour operators is one of the best ways to experience the nature’s treasure on earth. However, it is equally important to plan the Selinda Adventure Tour that is pocket friendly and to make your tour worth, Kane Adventure Safari offers the most affordable Selinda Adventure Trails Packages.

Located in the Selinda Concession in the Linyanti Waterfront area of northern Botswana, Selinda Adventure Trail is an expeditionary canoe and walking safari connecting the northern part of the Okavango Delta in the Linyanti Swamps. The high waters flowing through northern Botswana in 2009, together with subtle tectonic movements, caused the waters of the Okavango River to flow in a way that it has not done for nearly three decades, pushing east along the previously dry Selinda Spillway to meet the waters of the Linyanti. This enabled adventurers the opportunity to experience a rare first, canoeing along the Selinda Spillway.
The Selinda Reserve is well known for some of Botswana’s largest herds of buffalo and elephant, roan antelope and African wild dog. The other highlights of the Selinda Adventure Trails Service offered by Kane Adventure Safari include cheetah, lion, leopard and variety of other species. It is also a birder’s paradise with over 300 species possibly seen; all of these are encountered on foot on the Hardcore walking safari.
While the Selinda Adventure Tours revert back to the spirit of safaris of old, sparking impromptu game explorations and camping under the stars, the camps bring you closer to nature. The overnight camp sites create that sense of wilderness with a clear emphasis on essential camp comforts and maximum wilderness experience. Also, the entire trail is guided and hosted by a professional and passionate walking or canoeing guide with extensive experience in big game areas and excellent interpretive skills to bring the environment alive.